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Legal Notice: Separate from his activities as a public speaker for New Epoch Productions, the speaker is an employee of the US Government in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Although certain portions of his speeches draw upon his experience in spacecraft engineering and operations, statements made by the speaker under the auspices of New Epoch Productions may not be interpreted nor advertised as being sponsored or affiliated with NASA or with the US Government. Direct references to NASA and/or use of the NASA insignia are prohibited in advertising of New Epoch Productions events, and may negate the contract, with forfeit of client’s advance payment. All advertising for the event is subject to review and approval by New Epoch Productions.

Effectivity: These terms apply to all contracts negotiated after February 1, 2010.

Region served: Speeches and workshops can be booked anywhere in the world, anytime.

Language: Speeches are given in English.

Discounts: Organizations chartered purely for academic/educational or charitable purposes qualify for a negotiable discount on keynote addresses at the discretion of New Epoch Productions. Discounts are made to the base fee only. Any discounted booking places the contract on “hold” status as defined in Notice and Confirmation with rights reserved by New Epoch Productions to arrange a substitute speaker should a subsequent full-fee booking compete for the requested date. Non-US organizations do not qualify for discounts on single events but do receive firm commitment at booking. Special discounts apply to multiple-event bookings or tours in any area, worldwide. Sponsors may purchase books in block sales for the entire audience at 50-65% off list price, depending upon volume, plus shipping costs. Special custom dedications or logos, covers, etc. can be arranged on books with minimum five week notice.

Notice and confirmation: A minimum of 1 week notice is required to reserve, and bookings are on an as-available basis. Full-fee and overseas speeches are confirmed at the time of booking. Discounted speeches are a hold on the calendar, and will be confirmed and finalized 60 days before the speech.

Fees: The base fee for all bookings is $5000 per event. In addition, the sponsor is obligated to pay the necessary other expenses as identified below. An Excess Travel Duration fee may apply. All fees are payable within 30 days of the close of the speech. A negotiable deposit is required to cover billable travel. Foreign events require full deposit of air, auto, and housing travel expenses in advance.

Other expenses: In addition to the basic fee, the following are to be provided either in-kind, or billable. Billable expenses are subject to deposit in advance:

-Air transportation, if required*
-Shipping, if required (Air freight only, if overseas).
-Visa processing fees, departure taxes, etc, if required
-local ground transportation,
-lodging in conference host hotel,
-Submission of formal whitepaper(s) for conference proceedings is a special service, subject to a fee of $800 per paper.
-Bureau fees are added for any bureau-sponsored event, payable to the bureau.
-Royalties and Carbon Offsets are paid as specified below by New Epoch Productions at no additional expense to the client.

*New Epoch Productions will endeavor to minimize travel costs, but has jurisdiction over airline, travel schedule, and booking method and time. Thus, the fare billed may not be the lowest possible rate, but will be a best-effort minimum within all competing constraints. Business class expenses are not required unless business-class travel is offered to other speakers at the event. New Epoch Productions may, at its discretion, use Frequent Flyer benefits for ticket purchase, and bill for equivalent commercial airfare.

*      Carbon Offset:
New Epoch Productions is committed to the concept that proactive steps must be taken to reverse global warming. Air travel is an activity that creates significant unavoidable carbon emissions. New Epoch Productions pays to offset the carbon footprint resulting from travel to support each event, as calculated at http://www.sustainabletravelinternational.org/. These payments are made to either the Manna Energy Foundation (www.mannaenergy.org), or to sustainable development projects through Engineers Without Borders (www.ewb-usa.org) as a means to fund social and technical development in Rwanda. The client is encouraged but not obligated to match the carbon offset costs.

Excess travel duration: Travel arrangements requiring greater than the maximum 48 hours away from home are subject to a $200 surcharge for each 24 hours or fraction thereof beyond the maximum.

Duration of service per "event": For the base fee, the speaker is available for one business day, and at the sponsor's option will give repeated sessions totaling to no more than six hours in a single day (single topic only), with a separate maximum of 4 hours of panel participation, for a total of no more than 8 hours of total stage time. The duration of any individual formal presentation may be set by the sponsor from a maximum of 2 hours to a minimum of 30 minutes. Additional topics or days constitute separate, billable "events".

Facilities: The venue for the speech must include:
-A microphone (preferably lavaliere) for the speaker and appropriate audio system
-A suitably-sized projection screen (no smaller than 15 degree field of view for any audience member)
- A computer-driven projector (Speaker will provide computer. Advance notice and special arrangements are necessary if computer projector is not to be provided by the sponsor, or if files must be transferred to venue computing system)
-A table or lectern for speaker's access to computer, with power access.
-Merchandizing area as described below

Merchandizing: A table is to be provided for sales of Normandy House Publishers books, and an attendant is to be provided by the sponsor to process book sales during the event. Additionally, the speaker reserves the right to extend the sponsor's travel arrangements (at the speaker's expense) to arrange book promotions in, or en route to or from the sponsor's region. Time to execute such promotions is not subject to the conditions of the excess travel duration clause, above.

Publicity: The speaker will support interviews with the media, both in person and by telephone, to promote the sponsor's event, at no additional charge. The speaker reserves the right to include discussion of pricing, availability, and content of his publications during such interviews. All advertising materials produced by the client related to appearances by Dr. Jack Bacon must be submitted for approval by New Epoch Productions, and must adhere to the legal notice above.

Copyright and Content: All presentation materials are copyright © 2010 New Epoch Productions, and may not be reproduced for commercial use. Many of the photographs used in the presentations have licenses purchased for presentation only, and thus may not be reproduced without subsequent licensing. New Epoch Productions will provide a redacted copy of the presentation if required for print, that does not violate New Epoch’s copyright and licensing agreements Generally, the presentation material is photographic and illustrative of the spoken content of the speech, and is therefore not useful as a hand-out. Preferred distribution method of speaker’s materials to conference attendees is via volume book purchase or a pointer to this website. See other expenses for details related to specialty text preparation.

*      Recording: Photographs, archival videotaping, and audiotaping are allowed and encouraged, with the provision that the speaker is provided a copy of all recordings with permission to duplicate for advertising or demo purposes. A minimum royalty of 15% is due to New Epoch Productions on the sale of any electronic recordings of the speaker.


*      Royalties Paid to Bureaus: Bureau fees are to be added to the speaker’s fee, and may be any value that the bureau negotiates with the original client (“Client 1”). (I.e., the fee structure listed above under Fees and Discounts is the net to New Epoch Productions.) Royalties for follow-on business with Client 1 are paid per the originating bureau’s terms whether subsequent bookings are made through the bureau or through New Epoch Productions. New Epoch Productions does not initiate direct negotiations with clients previously referred by bureaus, but does not turn away direct inquiries more than 1 year following the first bureau-sponsored event. Royalties for first engagements with follow-on first-hand referrals with clients (“Client 2”) who learn of the speaker through client 1’s event, booked directly through New Epoch Productions, are paid at a maximum of 15% of the base fee earned, and 5% will be paid to the originating bureau on all subsequent business with each Client 2. Royalties for second-generation (Client 3) referrals through Client 2 activities are limited to 5%. Third-generation (Client 4) royalties are not paid. There are no royalties due for follow-on bookings resulting from events initiated by direct first contact between New Epoch Productions and Client 1 that is subsequently handed off from Client 1 to the bureau for final contract execution.

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